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Cod Fish Oil

Ideal for skin, eyes and cognitive health.

Made from whole fish, not only liver, so less worry about too much vitamine A and D

Ingredients: 100% cod fish oils

Average nutritional value per 5ml

Saturated fatty cids 1.0g

Monosaturated fats 1,9g

Polyunsaturated fats 1,7g

Omega-3 fatty acids 1,1g

DHA 410mg

EPA 380mg

Vitamin A 4600 iu

Vitamin D 460 iu

DHA Supports eye health Reduces the risk of loss of vision due to age Supports healthy tissue fluid and healthy tear production Reduces dryness and redness Retains fluid and flexible eye cells and tissue Reduces cataract risk (cataract) Supported fetus development during pregnancy Stimulates healthy development of eyes, brain and nerves in the fetus Stimulates healthy development of the immune system Supports the health of skin and coat Stimulates the production of healthy skin cells Helps with dry skin by retaining natural moisture Protects against free radicals Supports healthy brain function Helps the memory and learning ability Can slow down memory loss through old age Supports focus and attention Protects nerve and brain cells from oxidative stress and damage

EPA Role in inflammation and joint mobility Improves joint mobility relieves arthritis (anti-inflammatory effect) supports internal repair systems that work in response to physical stress

DHA + EPA Supports the health of the heart Improves cardiovascular functions, blood flow and high blood vessel function Stimulates the digestion of dietary fats and cholesterol Stimulates the health of the immune system Helps the natural regulation of the immune response Supports the internal repair systems after stress / injury Improves performance Can improve protein synthesis Improves muscle growth and minimizes muscle damage and muscle pain caused by reducing exercise-related inflammations.

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